a+30+a' Goldberg Variations
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Birth Of A Legend

Jan. 01. 2017
20th Anniversary.

Jan. 01. 2012
15th Anniversary.

Jan. 01. 2007
10th Anniversary.

Jan. 01. 2002
5th Anniversary.

Jan. 10. 2001
Changed the URL , http://www.a30a..com/

Dec. 30. 1996
Posted the site on the internet / asahi-net.

Oct. 13. 1996
Arranged beta version of html.

Dec. 01. 1995
Arranged data of 'my' Goldberg Variations with Excel.

Apr. 26. 1991
Arranged data of 'my' Goldberg Variations with database.

Oct. 24. 1988
Arranged data of 'my' Goldberg Variations with text.

Apr. 26. 1986
Maybe this tune is my theme music of life.

Mar. 21. 1985
It was the 300th Birthday of J.S.Bach this year and many events were held here and there on the world.

Oct. 05. 1982
I was surprised at reading an article of newspaper on Glenn Gould's death in the morning. He passed away on 04. Oct. 1982. It was an unforgettable incident for me.

???. ??. 19??
I came across the performance of "Goldberg Variations" Glenn Gould. Maybe ... So ... The demon was in me from this time.

???. ??. 19??
When I got up at every Sunday morning, I used to hear the music of J.S.Bach. My dad loves Bach's music and it made me a lot of musical flavor deeply from my childhood.